Home of the Left Turning Otter

Left Turn Otto


Left Turn Otto only wants to turn left but he’ll never get home that way. Or so he thinks! Get Otto safely home by having him make left turns only in this fun screen tapping app. Don’t tell Otto that 3 left turns really end up making one right turn!

  • 3 modes of play: Regular, One Shot, and Two Player
  • 3 difficulty settings: Easy, Regular, or Hard (intense!)
  • Simple controls: Control Otto by tapping anywhere on the screen
  • Plays great on tablets and phones
  • Available on Android, Apple and Kindle devices
  • Regular mode: 50 challenging levels to complete
  • 2 Player mode: Play against your friends on one device in hot-seat mode on one device
  • A Significant Otters leaderboard
  • Various tools to use to get through the levels: teleporters, reverse turn buttons, and axes. Yes axes! Otto's an otter not a beaver!
  • One Shot mode: See how many levels you can complete with one life
  • Video walkthrough of all 50 levels here: Left Turn Otto Walkthrough;